Weekly AMV Contest is a community that was originally launched back in 2017 from three editors from the same community who came up with the idea of creating a contest for AMV editors to compete every week. Essentially it was inspired by the OCC (One Clip Contest) community which is a contest made for gaming editors or mostly known as COD editors. 

When we launched in 2017, it started as an idea to help the community by cutting anime clips and compressing them into packs for the contest. As time went by the concept become hard to manage as owners and managers started to leave due to many reasons so it was hard to keep it alive as it was on life support for a while. However, seeing how the community was more or less enthusiastic about it we still tried to keep it alive by trying new ideas and concepts.

Now in 2020, we are hoping to properly and officially relaunch with our new concept which we hope will bring editors back to our contest and community again. Furthermore, we are a community trying to promote positively AMV editing, as it was for some of us a part of our childhood growing up or stress relief for others.

We are hoping to stay alive long enough to let the new breed of editors take over and keep the contest alive for future generations as it has become really easy these days for anyone to learn how to edit videos or to simply look for anime sources.

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